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Thursday, November 25, 2004


My middle school girls continue to amaze me. Yesterday, in one of my classes, a mouse family met an unfortunate, untimely, and very sticky death at the hands of some glue traps. Some of my students found the traps and that was it. Total pandemoium, utter chaos. The mice were already dead. Yes, it's rather gross but my girls were acting...like...well...girls. Way girly. Rather embarrassing, and so damn loud.

And I am now sitting here praying my phone won't ring and that if it does, it won't be that guy. Yeck.

My social life seems to have picked up some. I've managed to have something to do on the weekends for the past couple of months, which at first started to get my mind off my loser boyfriend dumping me on-line, but I guess things kind of carried over. I'm happy when I am out meeting people and making friends and meeting their friends, just doing stuff.

I know what I said about my students, but it'll be really hard to leave tem when the time comes. I've never had a job that worked out so well for me, and even though they shriek at the silliest things (dead mice, the sound of the bell signaling the beginning of final exams) they've been really something to teach, and I know I won't be getting any of this if I move to Hong Kong to teach 5 year old kids.