Pulled In Many Directions

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

The T-Day Post Mortem

This is a very good choice of words, now that I think about it, cause man, I feel dead.

I didn't even party very much. I had plans to leave after stuffing myself with turkey and imbibing myself (is that the right thing to say) with wine and beer. Then, it's 3:30 a.m., and I am listening to my friend give a rundown of the State of The Union about his girlfriend. I'm not saying I was bored, but you know, if you really don't know one of the parties involved, and feel you only kind of sort of know the other one, there's no way I'd feel at liberty to give anyone any kind of advice. Especially when it comes to dating and relationships.

Anyways, it was good to eat turkey, of which I now have a full plate. I have to go to the store either later today or tomorrow and get some good bread and maybe some cheese so I can have turkey sandwiches. Right now, I think I have enough for 52.

I met this really cool Korean woman, whom at first I thought was a gyopo, an American or Canadian, etc., someone from a Western country who is usually half Korean. Well, her English was perfect and she introduced herself as Michelle. It turns out she just traveled a lot in Europe and studied in Canada, and grew up near or on a military base so she had American friends from a very young age. Anyways, I hope to get in touch with her later next week, maybe to hang out.

I have been watching this really good show as of late, which is not helping me in my Quest to Return Home. It's called The Long Way Round. It has Ewan McGregor in it, which for me is reason enough to watch. Anyways, the general premise is that Ewan and...Friend have planned a trip from London to New York, going through Eastern Europe and Asia, then Canada and finally America. They will do all of this on motorcycles, as well. Really interesting. I have dreams of going on the Trans-Siberian Railway when I am finally done with Asia and crossing through to Moscow, and maybe taking a flight home there or wind up in London and fly home from there. Why do I want to do it? It just sounds interesting. That's why.

This is why I am feeling pulled in many directions...I want to do all these exciting things, like travel around Asia, and see Mongolia and go through Europe, but somehow I feel the intensity of these exciting things are diminished by the possibility that I'll have no one really to share them with, maybe. I know I'd be foolish to let that be the one reason to stop me though. I should be more concerned that money will be the one thing to stop me.

Anyways, against my better judgment I am going to go out again in about an hour to meet some friends for an early dinner and a movie perhaps. I love being social, and I love meeting people, but it sucks when you feel a bit under the weather and are tired from your socializing the night before.