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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Waah waah waah...shut up for chrissakes.

OK, so men and women dump each other all the time for a host of reasons in romantic relationships. But in friendships, I wonder, do the same rules apply? I'm attracted to *people* apparently who like to take from me and then slap me away when they no longer need me. I'm no angel, though I do try to play by the rules, and Lord knows I have blown up and said some not so nice things when I have been angry, (and when I am angry, look out, for real. I just lose it) but I try to keep a happy outlook on life. I try to not judge people I consider my friends harshly.

Apparently one of my friends is mad at another because her friend was treating her boyfriend badly when we were all out. Two of us told the other girl, "Why don't you just end it? You're obviously not happy." The other one decides to make it her cross to bear and goes home in a huff in the middle of her birthday party, because the flirting friend "ruined" it for her. Am I wrong here, in that whether it made her uncomfy or not, it wasn't her business to make a judgment like that?

And so I was telling her it's water under the bridge (as Flirty Friend did end up breaking up with him the next night) and she shouldn't have gotten so involved, and she frickin calls me cold. I'm cold. Well, no I'm trying to not be a drama queen while over here, because some days, shopping can be a real trial here, and I really try to not invite so much drama into my life.

I'm tired of complainers here. I need to surround myself with positive people and things. In that respect my life will be good. I think that is the big difference between life back home and life here. You feel like you can choose your friends more easily there. And here, maybe you hang with your coworkers only because they speak English to you, never mind that they are soul sucking sunshine stealing never happy rain cloud loving wankers.

Is Hong Kong going to be any better, I wonder? Is it that hypocritical to complain about complainers? Well, no one is listening to me here just yet, so I guess I can.