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Friday, December 17, 2004

And Now the Waiting Game Begins

After hyperventilating a lot last night believing that I would be stuck in Korea for one more year, I managed to talk to my HK recruiter this morning and she told me I could, in fact, send my Immigration paperwork in pieces.


So, for the most part, it's been sent. Still waiting for the damn transcripts, but will get those out as soon as I get them. AND my recruiter told me they needed them within the next few weeks. That's not now. That's not even 14 days from now. What the hell was I beating myself up for? Simple math....that if it takes about two months to process this application (which by the way, I'm surprised didn't come with a cup for a urine sample) that would put me at February 16, which is the time when I would hope to be in Hong Kong.

So, now all I can say is it's sent, it'll be there Monday, and all I can do is just wait.