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Friday, December 17, 2004

Bureaucracy Sucks

I just got off the phone with my high school to track down the progress my transcript request. They just got the friggin letter today. And the woman who sounded like she had a very important job to do and couldn't be bothered to talk to me essentially told me they would process the transcript request when they would process it. It could be in two days, it could be more. Oh, and they absolutely can not overnight the letter to my dad. So it'll sit in transit for like 3 days. If everything goes better than expected, I will get the transcript by next Thursday. I am so scared I'm going to mess getting this job up just because of stupid bureaucracy and Secretaries Who Can't Be Bothered.

I have to keep telling myself that things will pull through and it'll be a matter of months before I am actually complaining about my new job in Hong Kong.

Why the hell do they need to know I took English in high school? I'm from America, aren't I? My last name is a British derivative. I went to university, didn't I? I had to have taken some English to do that. That's what pisses me off...they'll get my uni diploma and transcripts, they'll see my major involved writing and communicating in the English language. OF COURSE I TOOK ENGLISH DAMMIT!

Ahhhhh I wish I had known the hoops I'd have to jump through to get this job. Korea doesn't care about high school transcripts. Hell, even resume specialists say once you're in college, high school doesn't matter.

I hate this, cause now I can't sleep. And I hate this even more, but once I am anxious or frustrated about one thing, I become anxious and frustrated about many things. It's like my body feeds on the adrenaline rush and wants to push me into having some kind of stress-induced heart attack. And my cat thinks my pacing around the house is some kind of game for her, so she starts following me, batting my legs with her paws.

I have to keep telling myself things will be fine, and soon I will be on a plane to Hong Kong, starting a new chapter in my life.

And then I will make sure I make many copies of that damn transcript so I never have to go through this trouble again.