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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Got the Word Out

I finally told my supervisor at school what my tentative plans were, and she seemed OK with it, but maybe a little sad. Maybe. I'm just hoping this doesn't mean that if Hong Kong falls through I have lost my job. I'm not too keen on looking for a new one here.

In 5 minutes or so, I'll have completely downloaded this show I am following religiously called Lost. It's been called one of the most original shows on TV in a long time. It has elements of Survivor (plane crash on a deserted island) and Gilligan's Island (wacky cast of characters, including an American slacker, a couple of drifters, a British rock star, and a Korean couple) in it, and also themes of Christian spirituality in it. I've always been drawn to exploring spirituality, and I could write a whole entry on that alone, but I will save it for later, and just post later a review of the latest episode.