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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I Didn't Need To Know This...

There's this guy I know. I hesitate to call him a friend, cause usually when we talk, it's a litany on his part of all the ways his body is failing him and also a litany of people he can't stand. And when he isn't complaining, he is rather boring. I'm hoping to fly under the radar with him when I leave for Hong Kong somehow.

Case in point today. He sent me an email telling me a coworker of his died due to alcohol poisoning. And there's no sympathy in that letter. He actually said "that guy we worked with the one who backstabbed us, etc...died last night." He said I should pass it on to another guy I barely talk to cause he also has a severe alcohol problem. Right. I'll get right on it. Feh.

He called it a "tratgedy" -- the guy is an English teacher who can't spell and who uses "should of" way too many times for it to be a slip-up -- but he's focusing on the bad stuff with the guy. Still. Just give it a rest already. The man is dead, and I didn't even know him. I hope though he has family who can take care of him when the body gets back to Canada.

I just thought it was a really tacky letter.

In other news, I spoke with my recruiter and they said I will be in Hong Kong hopefully in mid or late February. Late February would be much better, but we'll see. I just hope they give me some time off in between so I can get settled in.