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Sunday, December 05, 2004

I Hereby Revoke My "EEEEEEK!!"

Just spoke to my friend in Hong Kong. She says the classes are a piece of cake. She says the fee for the uniform is something she can't remember, so it must be minimal. Best yet, she said for the first year, I will not be taxed at all. I will be able to take home my full wages. As the Koreans say "Ahss-ssah!"*

Then, starting Year 2, I'll be taxed like hell to make up for the first year.


To anyone reading this in Korea, please take note of the food selection in the grocery stores in Hong Kong, and then you are also free to take note of how much of a nerd I am for getting all excited I can eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch without having to shell out the big bucks like I do here in Korea. Ooh..and cream soda. And Tim Tams.

Katy's Height of Excitement Hits an All-New Low

No, I mean it. This is sad. I have had one extremely influential friend in my life, and it was HER family, not even anywhere close to mine, that decided the way a vacation or a country was to be judged was on how well they all ate. That must have seriously rubbed off on me, if not through genetics, then certainly through osmosis.

So, I am back to being happy and excited again, and yes, still a bit nervous, but at least I no longer have visions of kids staging a riot in the middle of my class.

Oh...and I might see Young Adam tomorrow. I don't know anything about it, save for the fact that in the movie Ewan McGregor is in one scene stark naked. That's an incentive to go, but with this being Korea, I wonder if the scene will be in there. If I do go, I'll post my review.

* "Ahss-ssah!" is a thing kids generally say when they are really excited about something, like the fact you have decided to chuck the day's lesson and play Bingo.