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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Mona Lisa and Mosquitoes

Is it just the end of the year, or is it me? My camp schedule sucks. I have to go in for 10 a.m., only an hour and a half later than normal. Then they originally had me scheduled to work until 330, half an hour before I normally go home. In between the three hours of class, I would have had 2 and a half hours of just nothing. Last year was better.Start at 10, end at 230. One and a half hours of whatever.

Maybe it's not that bad as the Internet sucks at my home for the time being. But I'm just annoyed. We're watching Mona Lisa Smile now in class. It's going OK for the first class, but I'm afraid it's going over everyone's head in the second class. I guess it's an OK movie so far.

Was kicking around the Movie Pooper website and saw the movie The Mosquito Coast was on there. I didn't know it was originally a book. It sounds really fascinating, but I'm not sure if I can find it here.