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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

My Kitty

As it seems I am writing about heavy subjects as of late, I want to take this time to introduce the blog readers I have (all three of you) ;) to my kitty, whom I have had for about 5 months.

Her name is Dragon, and she is a little over a year old.

Isn't she a sweetie? Well, actually, sweet isn't the word I'd use to describe her...

I decided to adopt her from a couple who were leaving for New Zealand as I thought I would need the company because I lived alone.

I have to admit I am more of a dog person. I love how sweet and happy they are and playful. The only problem I would have with a dog is I know I would be unable to care for it as well as it should be taken care of.

But how can I not like her when the first thing she does when I come home is scamper over to me excitedly? When I sit on the couch, or sit on the floor, she gets in my lap, and just starts purring. I've learned that petting a cat can be very cathartic and very therapeutic.

My cat has grown on me though in the short time I have had her. She has a lot of strange quirks, such as attacking my feet under the covers, and creating some kind of somersaulting ninja-attack type thing against my feet when I walk across the room. She licks the faucet in the bathroom, hoping to get some water. Every day when I get in the shower, she has to join me. Every day. Then she gets upset that she gets wet. I doubt she'll ever really learn. She also sports a crooked tail, something that looks almost like a mace, and it acts like one too when it comes to knocking things over on my table. Her previous owners had tried to fix it, but were unsuccessful at doing that.

She has in effect destroyed my couch, awakened me many times before 8 a.m. on Saturdays, she sits on my computer when I am typing something, has deleted everything I have written with the scurry of her feet, and she somehow broke a mirror I owned.

I hope that the cat won't be getting 7 years bad luck because of that, especially as I am planning to give her away soon. Maybe it is cruel of me to give her up so soon as I got her before I planned to leave the country. I really am going to miss her, no matter what I have just written. I would take her if I could, but I can't. So I hope I can find someone else who will take really good care of her, and then not decide she needs to futz off to some place, like someone who will not be named...

I know I'm going to be one of those crazy people who want the new owner to take pictures of Dragon, and send them to me, and put her on the phone when I call. I will, however, draw the line at birthday parties.