Pulled In Many Directions

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Thursday, December 30, 2004

My New Year’s Resolutions

1. To be the captain of my ship when it comes to relationships. To recognize red flags and humanely let go of guys who are bad for me as partners. Of course, this doesn’t mean the guy will like it, and we’ll be the bestest friends ever, but I need to start taking care of myself. There are going to be plenty of guys for me, and I need to stop acting like everything has to be perfect...or be too shocked when I realize they aren’t.

2. To somehow stop being taken for granted.

3. To stop biting my nails.

4. To join a gym and go there often.

5. To stop spending all this goddamn time on the Net, and use the time to get a hobby or meet and make friends.

6. I want to have at least one good guy friend in my life.

7. To keep the friends I have made previously.

Resolution Number 1 is my biggest priority, as you can see.

I keep looking at my nails and think, damn, only one more day or so, then I have to get serious.