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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Puff Katy

It's time for a girly post.

One where I say I've ben feeling rather puffy lately.

The fact that I ordered a pizza and fried chicken special set a couple days ago doesn't help me much either. Good pizza, good chicken. I just hate feeling guilty about eating it.

My cat likes Doritos...why doesn't she like chicken?????

I hate how it's cold here because I can use that as an excuse for why I don't go outside to take a walk. Also, I'm moving soon, like in 2 months, and it would be senseless to sign up for a gym whose minimum membership is for three months.

So I keep telling myself that Hong Kong's consistently warm (15 degrees C or about 60 degrees F for my American friends) winter weather will be a grand motivator for me to take long walks, and maybe, like they have here in Korea (though nowhere near my house) they'll have parks where you can rent bicycles and roller blades, and zip around a track.

The 30 degrees C, (that's about 90 degrees F) 90 percent humidity weather Hong Kong seems to have in July...well we'll cross that bridge when it happens.)

Maybe I can finally learn a martial art. I've been in friggin Asia for three years already. It's about time I learn something!

Or maybe they'll have gyms that DON'T cost an arm and a leg to join. I miss aerobics classes, and in Korea, I feel too embarrassed to join one, as Koreans are all too happy to make a big deal of helping you do a routine right. I'm also pretty uncoordinated in matters of my own native language. Imagine me having to translate the directions in my head, and then act.

Maybe I can get a subscription to Self or Shape magazine* and do exercises in the privacy and comfort of my own home (though if I have two roommates and a small bedroom, then doing the exercises will neither be private nor comfortable.)

Anyways, I don't really feel fat now, but I realize I have been eating quite a bit and not moving so much. It's kind of hard to run in a winter coat that goes to your knees. And it's so easy to tell myself, it's too damn cold to go outside.

I should try to give my cat a bath. That would certainly give me a workout.

*OK, so maybe I'm fishing for gifts for next year's holiday season or my birthday.