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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Well, OK, then...

In my constant quest to develop a Life After ESL, I sent an email to Lonely Planet on a whim, touting my skills as a wanna-be travel writer for them. Basically they told me they have a bazillion writers already, that if I wanted to submit a roposal I could, but I'd have tyo do all the research on my own and I better speak the native language fluently, and once I sent everything in, I'd get paid a flat fee. Or, I could do what everyone else does and post updates about current books to their website, and for my trouble get a travel guide in return.

Wow. A free book.

A friend of mine told me that one of their competitors gives its wanna-be writers the chance to write a whole book for the company, and if they like it, they get $30,000 flat (not sure if that is American, or Aussie) and if they don't like it, then tough. As I have no Korean language skills, it looks like back to the drawing board for me. In any case, her attachments didn't work. We'll see what they say, when and if she resends them.

A friend has suggested I look into master's programs for teaching in Hong Kong, but we'll have to see what the pros and cons would be in having a Chinese/British degree for teaching (and being American) rather than an American one. Still, it'd be cool to go around the world and write about what I've found. This is where I wish I had taken some photography classes back in school...