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Monday, January 03, 2005

43 days. 1,008 hours. 60,480 minutes.

In that amount of time, I will be somewhere in the vicinity of Hong Kong, if all goes to plan. The school (which one, I do not know yet) told my recruiter they wanted me in Hong Kong between the 14th and the 16th of February. I need to know soon, so I can start throwing my stuff into boxes.

I'm a bit nervous in dealing with my school. I'll have to break my contract early. Only two weeks early, but they may be severe sticklers (asses) and refuse to pay my bonus of one month's salary. I might have to tweak my schedule around so I can also get the last month's pay. And then there's the pension money of two years I'd be stupid to not collect.

I'm hoping the will give me almost all the severance pay I am due. I'd hate to have my working relationship with the school go down the tubes over money, but it is money owed to me, even in a percentage of form. My friend told me I should tell them if I can not get my bonus, then they should be willing to let me go early so I have the time to throw my stuff into boxes.

The news of my start date also means I'm going to have to amend my plans to go to Singapore and Malaysia. Malaysia will have to wait for now. I'll spend a few days of my vacation in Singapore, and the rest of it packing things up and, yes, throwing stuff into boxes.