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Friday, January 21, 2005

The Last Day!

I am no longer an English teacher in South Korea! Soon, I will be playing the role of the obnoxious American tourist in Singapore and then I'll be a slacker in Korea before I go off to be a teacher in Hong Kong.

Today, I had my last camp classes. I took the first class to my home to hang out and play with the cat. I think Miss Kitty was a bit freaked out at first over all the attention she was receiving, but she got over it.

Three of the 1200 students I had to teach this year. I really will truly miss them!

I wanted to get a picture of the other girl I taught, but she was camera shy. She brought me a whole mess of chocolate today as a thank you present. How sweet is that? *Sigh* I had such a great time this year in this school.

Then my coworkers wanted to take me out for a final lunch before I go off. We had baek ban, if I am spelling that correctly. Baek ban is a whole lot of rice with 49 side dishes. Well, not 49 exactly, but it sure feels like that once the meal is over. I had a really good time with them too today.

During the year, they were very supportive of me as a teacher. They never really crowded me in the classroom (as some native speakers here only have the role of being a very expensive tape recorder in the classroom). They let me do my own thing, and helped me out so many times: translating my wacky ideas to the class, and keeping some princesses in check for me.

I really hope I can get that kind of support in Hong Kong.

And in a once in a lifetime photo op, here's me outside the restaurant with my English teacher coworkers -- real life English teachers, as opposed to the English teacher I have pretended to be for the past three years. Heh!: