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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

My Cat Eats Better Than I Do Now


You know when you are thisclose to uprooting yourself, the question of what can you have to eat so you won't buy a lot of stuff that you eventually won't use comes to mind.

I'm definitely not much of a cook to begin with, but with Moving Day fast approaching, this is a sampling of my last few dinners. (Proceed with caution):

  • Tonight: Basic Tuna Salad (read: tuna and mayo) on cheap-ass imitation Saltine crackers.
  • Last night: This lovely spinach and mozzarella cheese ravioli and the last remnants of the spaghetti sauce.
  • The night before: Honey Chex cereal, and probably the worst thing will eat in my last days here -- the epitome of resourcefulness, but not entirely good taste: white bread topped with spaghetti sauce and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. (Actually, it DID taste good, but it's nothing I want to make into a steady diet.)

Actually, I have been eating a lot of cereal lately. If nothing else, it's making me nostalgic for my college years. I have a mix for chili, but it serves EIGHT. I have these pre-packaged meat dinner things that need no refrigeration. I bought them on a dare with myself, but am now too scared to try to eat them.

I have pancake mix, but no eggs. I have garden burgers and hash browns, but no ketchup. I have egg roll type things, but no soy sauce. I have cans of tuna but no bread or pickles (and you gotta eat a tuna sandwich with pickles. And potato chips, come to think of it) And now is not the time really to buy condiments.

As stated before, I may be rich (who else makes more than 1 million in a month?) and I may be successfully passing myself off as Wonder Woman (cause none of you know what I look like yet), but sorry guys, the kitchen in Korea (or anywhere, really) is just not my domain.

And this is strange, cause the one thing I love to read above many other books is cookbooks, and I could spend all day watching The Food Network. I love to watch people make food or imagine preparing a dinner, taking 12 ingedients and making one fabulous thing.

I can, however, order a pizza with the best of them.