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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Nothing a little Xanax won't fix...

Or a few good stiff drinks.

Help me.

I'm panicking. My nails are disgusting. I need to breathe. I hate feeling anxious.

My school, the one I am working at now is pushing me for a last day. They will not give me a fraction of severance, even though I worked there for 11 months and 2 weeks. They did say I could be paid for any part of February I will work. I guess that's good. That and severance should tide me over till the end of the month in Hong Kong. I hope.

My friend who isn't exactly a ray of sunshine on a good day told me I should have said I had a death in the family (not while I have 2 90+ year old grandparents. If something did happen to them soon after I said it, I'd feel horrible. Like me, like my superstitions.) and that it'd be impossible to get a ticket there cause of the Chinese New Year. And why didn't I come visit her or say hello when she got home? I did try, and know I spoke to her earlier. Some people just can't get that happy.

Well, I just got a ticket. That's good anyways. For February 12. Just wish my recruiter would tell me now I have a visa and I have a job at this location.

If things fall through, that's it. I'll just go home.