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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Simple Things In Life Can Mean the Most...

I had a great time out with a coworker and friend of mine today, who wanted to check out an ice-skating rink near the City Hall.

The rink was so far from being regulation sized, and after falling on my ass in the skating rink that had formed in my apartment's foyer, I was a bit nervous about going, having visions of breaking my arm before going to Singapore.

But skating is just like riding a bike, it seems. After a 15 year absence on skates, I had no trouble at all walking up the stairs to the rink and skating (though slowly) away from the boards and to the center of the ice, even.

I had forgotten how much fun skating was. The only thing is, I think my legs have forgotten what exercise feels like, and might be soreish tomorrow.

Then after that, we went for dak galbi, which is like a chicken stir fry type thing, with the ubiquitous spicy red pepper paste in it.

The waiter at the door greeted me with "HelloHowareyouNicetomeetyouWelcometokoreaYouareverybeautiful." The other waiter told my friend "He just said all the English he knows to her." Ha. At least he speaks Friendly as a Second Language.

We got the deluxe version, which included sweet potatoes, ham/Spam and some kind of spaghetti type noodle. Very very good stuff.

So I had a really good afternoon with a good friend of mine and good food to end the night with. Could it be I might actually be sad I am leaving Korea soon?

I'll probably get over it, but I will miss my friend...and maybe the dak galbi.