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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I Don't Get It

I'm mad. Mad at the stupid Seoul Immigration Office who has now told me under no circumstances can I catch a break cause my wallet was stolen. It looks like Korea will rob me twice. I have to pay 100,000 won for the pleasure of leaving the country. That means then I will have about 80,000 won left to my name until I can get something straightened out in Hong Kong.

So my friend suggests I call my dad and ask him to use Western Union. I'm a bit apprehensive, because anything "new-fangled" like that is bound to get my dad in a knot. But what else can I do, really? So I call him, tell him what I'd like for him to do and he gets all flustered, as I'm trying to tell him the address full of Chinese words. (Which I understand, by the way. Tsim Sha Tsui would be spelled in an entirely different way phonetically.) I try to tell him how the service works, and he starts ranting, ending with "I don't even know how this service works.' Well if he would listen to me, I could try to help him. That's one of my biggest pet peeves. People who don't listen to me. And it doesn't make it any better when they look stupid ranting over how they don't know something, ignoring the fact I'm trying to tell them.

So I'm trying to explain to him how the service works, that it's safe, and at the height of his frustration, he says he doesn't trust this service because in Hong Kong "they are all a bunch of gooks." Well, that's a lovely color on him. I explain to him in a way that might make him understand that Hong Kong is civilized, it had been a British colony, anything to make him relate to the country, and then he says "It's a Communist country." Well, OK, it's under Chinese rule now, but I think even in Beijing I could get money wired to me, as they have joined the technological era, something I'm not sure my own father wants to be a part of.

It makes me sad to hear him talk that way. It just strikes me as some kind of Great Divide between us. I think he's wildly insecure about himself, where he doesn't like anyone or anything different. It reminds me of the time he got frustrated with having to fill out some kind of college financial aid form, and again as I tried to explain it to him he got all bothered again saying in this mock-posh accent that "Maybe you have to be an Emerson person to understand." I'm afraid of becoming the people he hated in high school, maybe, or just the people he has to work for. It's not like I think I am better than him for being better educated, or more well-traveled, but when he says these horribly racist things, it drives me nuts, and it makes me wonder how did I not wind up thinking like he does?

Anyways, we'll have to see what happens with the money.