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Sunday, February 06, 2005

It's Always Something!

I'd like to thank some anonymous Korean, who sensed I was lacking in blogging material between now and the time I leave for Hong Kong.

This fucker stole my wallet from my coat pocket while I was in a PC room. Most of the time here, if your wallet is stolen, you can be sure it will be found easily, although a little lighter in cash.

This person took the whole damn thing, complete with credit cards, but much more importantly, my alien registration card, the thing that tells immigration, "yuh huh, I have every right to be here."


So, tomorrow, I get to tell you all about my trip to the police station. And how I have been told that as long as I can provide the receipt from the police station saying I declare my wallet stolen by some fuckwit, Immigration will be happy to allow me to board my plane that will take me to Hong Kong. (A short message to Immigration officers possibly reading this: I don't want you to pave my lane with rose petals, just please please please let me through. Please.)

I can't leave without a little drama, now can I?