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Sunday, February 06, 2005

It's Been A Long Long Long Day

All I can say is Bleah. And stress is not my thing.

To the bank employee I snapped at over the phone: I must seem like one fucked up crazy bitch to you, but after I tell you I need to get some money to go to Seoul, but my wallet's been stolen and my passbook's not working, to hear you say "I understand your situation. Where is your card?" tells me that you really don't understand my problem. When you do this to me three different times, I think I am entitled to a little eruption. No hard feelings, I hope, but please remember to listen to what a person is saying to you next time.

To the guy in the ATM vestibule smelling strongly of cigarettes: Thank you for being kind to the messed up freaky foreigner and giving me 5000 won to get to Seoul. I sincerely hope I didn't scare you.

To the police officers who drove me all around East Seoul in their car: Thanks for helping me out, but I really think the sirens were a bit much. Really. Oh and Officer Sung, you're damn hot.

So, I have my supposedly needed police report I can show Immigration, which will supposedly let me through with it. In any case, I'm soooooo tired right now. And it's only 4 p.m.

Tomorrow, I go to the bank (if they'll let me in) and speak to someone in person to get my card replaced and maybe then I'll just say fuck it and close my account then and there. And I'll go shopping for a new wallet. And get some Starbucks. I want Starbucks now.