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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Should we Talk About the Weather? Should We Talk About the Government?

About a half bag of Hershey's Chocolate Cookie Kisses and 14 R.E.M. songs later, I am feeling better. Well, I felt better yesterday. (Funny with the window to the world/animal in a zoo aspect to blogging, I feel I have to make an entry about how I'm no longer feeling crappy.)

If you like the animal in the zoo analogy, you are welcome to feed me. (It was bad before and is just getting worse by the day!)

Anyways, R.E.M. My second most favorite band ever. Well, I take that back. U2 had one misstep with Pop. I haven't really followed R.E.M. since Bill Berry left the band. Strangely enough, all noraebangs here (that's a singing room) that I have been to have only one R.E.M. song in their catalogue, called "Imitation of Life," which I never heard of, and which is too bad cause I'd love to torture my friends with "Shiny Happy People" or "Stand."

So, while cmesmyl's recipe for kicking depression is to watch and laugh at Sawyer Brown videos, complete with bad white guy dancing, my recipe for a rough patch is to listen to songs from Document and Green, sing them at the top of my lungs and do some bad white girl dancing to them.

And chocolate doesn't hurt either.

Just felt I had to drop in with a "No, really, I am OK" note.

As you were...