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Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Dentist

I went in, and the dentist told me that I had a small hole forming in one of my back teeth. I was OK with that news as I had felt something back there for the longest time. (Not the hole, but a definite difference, a sensitivity that I had not felt with any of my teeth before.)

Then the dentist told me he needed to drill.

I braced myself and asked if he would use Novocaine.

And then he said "No."

And I was about to say "OK, thanks for your time, see you later." But he told me it was a very superficial hole and he would only drill for like 10 seconds and then be done. So, with a lot of hesitation, I said OK.

So here ends my cavity-less streak at the age of 28. (Not bad,I suppose.) I leave you to wonder for yourself just how much of a stoic person I am.)