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Friday, March 18, 2005

My First Month...

I'm home sick today. (Kind of a given occupational hazard when working with kids who are constantly coughing openly and sticking their fingers in their mouth or nose and then touching everyone and everything in sight.)

It's so funny...when I was in Korea I was such a night owl. Now I am going to bed around 1030 every night. The kids are great to be around, for the most part. I'm working with 4 year olds which mean they are old enough to be toilet trained and to understand their mom or dad or nanny will be back to pick them up in a matter of hours. They aren't too old to want a hug or to hold my hand though, and I think that's nice. Already, I'm working at another site for only about an hour, but I guess that's long enough for some of my students to miss me. When I go into the classroom, some rush over to me, wanting to sit on my lap.

I'm just amazed at the amount of planning and work that actually goes into a kindergarten. I have to have them do their workbooks after I am sure they understand the concept. I have to plan an art activity....and that's just hilarious as I have no art skills whatsoever. And I have to think of some activity, usually related to math or science that the kids can do on their own. Plus music and physical play. And all of this ideally is intertwined and works off each other. And then there's controlling or at least keeping track of 15 4 year old gas molecules. No wonder I want to crawl into bed when I get home most days.

Anyways, we're moving on up in the world. We just got cable and Internet last night. I left the TV on some Portugese station before I started typing so am going to sign off for now and see what else is on.