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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Autobiographical Blogging

It's really amazing what you will find in the blogosphere. While lots of people write about their daily lives in the to-do list recap kind of way, there have been other blogs I have seen which deal with a certain subject, and they use their blog as a form of catharsis.
One of the most often stressed tips for writers is to always write about what you know. And lots of people do in that to-do list recap kind of way. But others have taken the time to write stories where it is so sad it is true. One writes about her search for her biological father fueled by stories from her tall-tale telling mother. Another writes about how she grew up a survivor of childhood abuse and neglect, and still another is writing about how she endured hell on earth at a camp which promised her parents she'd emerge from there a more productive member of society.

I think we all have a story to tell, and some just don't choose to tell it for whatever reason. It might be too personal, it might feel like no one else would understand. After reading another autobiographical blog (this one a memorial to a friend who died from AIDS), I began to think of my own life, and the ups and downs I have had, and the need to just tell my story, if only to the echoes of cyberspace. I have a feeling one day this story will come out -- yes, in blog form, of course -- and when it does, I won't herald it, as maybe for now I want these two parts of my life separate from each other.