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Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Power of Three

It was in Armistaud Maupin's book Tales of the City (a book I absolutely loved when I was in university and one of my dreams was to live in San Francisco) that one of the characters told the main one that you could have a great social/love life, a great job, or a great apartment. You could have two of the three things (maybe) but you would never be able to have all three at one time. The minute your love life goes up a notch, so will your rent more than a few, apparently. Maybe the minute you find someone wonderful, you lose your job.

Ever since reading that book, I can't help but measure my life by a sort of three continuums. I can help but muse, well, if I have a so-so job and a great place to live, does that mean my social life can only be about slightly better than average? I'm almost bracing myself cause I'm starting to feel a bit better about my job so I wonder which will be slipping first, the home sitch or the social life.

OK, so it's just meaningless babble, and I'm not really anticipating something to go belly-up, but I find it funny that today, the class I had problems with last week were really very good. So would that mean that I had a perfect day today? No. It means that my first two classes were extra chatty, and even better, in the second class I had one boy in there who was really really bad. Like want to throw out the window bad! Oh well. It's over and done with for another 2 weeks.