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Monday, April 04, 2005

This Can't Be Serious!

I got something in my e-mailbox earlier from NARAL, an American pro-choice group, earlier in the week. The email stated that in a sex education program that George Bush okayed, one of the things it taught was that if a woman wanted to keep their partner, she should "never ever ever act too smart" and that "feelings of jealousy, disappointment, embarrassment and depression can be avoided if teens completely abstain from sex."

First off, who is George Bush (or any of his cronies) to offer teens love advice a la "The Rules"? And secondly, I thought those feelings of depression and general inferiority came from just being a teenager, and one who is not only not having sex, but not having any member of the opposite sex regard him or her in any way shape or form.

Is this really for real? What the hell is going on?