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Monday, May 02, 2005

And When He Wants to See Friday The 13th, I Guess That's When It's Over

I watched Closer earlier and when I told my friend I had seen it, she said to me "That's not a date movie!"

OK, so Closer is a pretty dark movie. But it's a dark movie with Julia Roberts in it. That's got to count for something, right?

Anyways, what she said got me thinking of a time where in hindsight, I used the movies I had seen with a guy as a sort of barometer of our relationship. There was the time where when things were going really well with a guy I had just started seeing, we saw "O Brother Where Art Thou?" in the theaters. We both laughed a lot and really enjoyed the movie. Things looked promising. We saw Suicide Kings, which I didn't like so much and he did. Then we saw Pearl Harbor in the theater and it all just quickly went down hill from there. At the time, I didn't see it as a coincidence.

Then there was the relationship I had where the first ever movie we saw was "There's Something About Mary." The highlight of that movie was not when my date told me "I can't take this anymore," and walked out of the theater. We stayed together for a long time, though never really watched too many movies as he believed a lot of the movies were -- as he put it --liberal propaganda. At the close of Chocolat, he was fuming about how the movie turned out, and I told him the movie was essentially saying it's a bad thing to be repressed. His response: "What's wrong with being repressed?" I remember after that, what we saw were movies of the harmless, fluffy variety, like Peanuts cartoons. Using my theory then, I should have paid attention to the fact that we were, as was our relationship, acting as though we were stuck in the 4th grade.

So what to now say about seeing a movie where the people are in a relationship, but still lonely? Seriously in need of attention, so much so that they push it away when they receive it? It's not at all hard to imagine that someone in the movie would probably have cheated on their partner only because that person overheard they were described as someone who would never cheat.

So, yes, if I still thought movies were a barometer of relationships, then I probably would have thought I would have dug myself into a hole...no, a relationship abyss. But I don't think that way anymore, thank God.

For the record, while I agree that the movie is certainly not a date movie, it was really well written and acted. The guy I was with said it could have used a few more car chases and explosions, but I have the feeling he was kidding.