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Friday, May 06, 2005

Blast From the Past

When I was in college I joined a number of online high school reunion sites, hoping I'd be able to keep tabs on everyone I hung out with. Then life happened and I pretty much lost touch with everyone I knew. Just a few days ago, however, I got a message from a high school friend of mine, someone I had lost touch with over the years. This is her letter to me:

hey...was in nh a few weeks ago and thought of you. how've you been? i read your bio. everything sounds great. i was wondering if you were planning to the come back to the states, but i guess you're taking your time. good for you. there is no rush. i am slowly starting tae kwon do. hope all is well. take care. say hi to your family too. i'm still in california...just south of san francisco. got married last nov. this came up in a conversation recently...hi-o-roj!(name)

This is what I wrote back to her:

"this came up in a conversation recently...hi-o-roj!"

Ick. Ick. Ick. :) So tell me, how is (your brother) doing these days
anyways?Sorry for the long delay, but I JUST received your mail. You could later
try me by email if you would like.This is weird. I was surfing around the net
and found (a former classmate's) homepage which led to (another former
classmate's) webpage and then (another classmate's) and found
that (a former mutual friend) is in a band with (another former
mutual friend.) Strange how sometimes the friends you make in high school
stay with you. It'd probably have been easier for me had I stuck around in the
USA huh? :) I never even studied tae kwon do in Korea. Good for you for trying
it! And congrats on getting married, that's cool! I will be sure to tell
everyone back home you said hello. (My brother) is now the father of an
almost 5 year old boy, and he's still around (our hometown). My father moved a
couple years ago to escape the cold. :)I hope to keep in touch with you!

Take care!

And this is her reply:

I'm going to give you my other email account. Anyways, you sound great. Lots of excitement. Teaching in S. Korea is a stretch from becoming an astronaut. I was just on the phone with my sister when I got your email. She was surprised that I knew what you were up to.

I guess your family is doing fine. I probably wouldn't recognize your brother if I saw him. Speaking of the fam...what's up with your mom? Is she still alive? The whole MS thing came up recently, and I had a flashback of the street we grew up on.

My brother is bartending. He's going to pursue a career in radio. He's fascinated by the satellite radio market.

I just got an email from (one of our former mutual friends with a website) about the 10 year reunion. If you want to be on the list go to his website and email him. It's going to be the day after Thanksgiving. He would love to hear from you. I'm going to see (yet another different mutual friend's) play in NY in a few weeks. It's probably terrible. (Former mutual friend) is not in a band with (another mutual friend) from our class. He met a different girl with the same name.

So what do you do besides teach? Do you live alone? What's a typical day in the life of Kate?


PS. If it did, I didn't mean to upset you by asking you a question about your mom. I have no idea what your relationship is/was like.

Contacting you is surreal.

My reply:

Hi there!
Well, I'm not going to sit on this email. :) Great to hear from you! My profile is old, and I haven't updated it. I'm no longer in Korea teaching. I'm now teaching in Hong Kong at a kindergarten. (I wanted a change after 3 years.) Kindy is a lot different from teaching grade schoolers or middle schoolers. It's about the same as teaching Korean uni students however. :)

I don't know. I can't imagine (my brother) has changed much since I last saw him, unless he's somehow put on a lot of weight or something. Probably still has the same close cropped haircut he had ages ago. :) He's still playing in a band as far as I know. I hate to tell you this but my mother passed away almost...2 years ago. She died in her sleep. I guess her last couple of years were where she had been in a vegetative state, as far as I have been
told. I made it to the funeral and saw my mom's side of the family for the first time in 15
years then. I tried to keep in touch with my aunt and uncle (her brother and sister) but they never answered my emails.

God damn it sucks I'm terrible keeping up with my family! I find it really telling you said you don't really know what my relationship with my mom was like. Lots of people said that to me, when I told them my mom had passed away: "You never realy said much about her."

Hmmm...That's cool (your brother) wants to get into radio. From what I remember he'd have a good voice for it. I've heard a lot of radio in America has gone automated though. Not too sure about that, but I hope he catches a break.

(The former mutual friend with website) would love to hear from me? Hmmm....that's strange. :) I never really talked much to him during high school, but yeah, I'll drop him a line soon. You'll have to tell me how (another mutual friend's) play is and say hello to him for me (and anyone else from our high school you run into.) I doubt my hello will set anyone on their ear, but it'd be nice to know how they are.

That's weird about (our former mutual friend) and (his bandmate who shares the name with one of our former friends). I saw the website and hell, it's been 10 years, the woman looked well enough like her and seemed well enough to be like her. :) Do you talk to her at all?

What do I do besides teach? I do laundry and dishes.LOL It seems that's what I do outside of teaching. Ohand I prepare lesson plans. My kindy has taken up all my free time! Well, it's not that bad, but it is a lot of work. Korea was easier compared to here! Usually...OK...every Friday I go out and drink with my roommate at the Outback (yeah yeah) and sometimes I stay out late, but lately I haven't as I am also working another job on Saturdays for extra money.

It's weird...you think life in a foreign country is soooo exotic (well maybe you
do) ;) and that everything is such a big experience and adventure, but I think right now I am at
that point where I am simply living my life as an expat. When I first started working in Korea,
ordering a pizza on my own over the phone...that was cause for celebration. Maybe if I
ever did something like get a job in India or rural Indonesia, then it would be another life "experience."But aside from trying to get my bearings straight about the job, I'm pretty well
settled into Hong Kong life. I go to the movies sometimes, go shopping, go out to eat, stuff like
that. It's a bit weird where they drive on the left here, but that is about it. I would like
to learn some Cantonese, but that'll be hard to do. It's got like thousands of characters and
something like 9 different tones, so one character can be said (sung?) 9 different ways and mean entirely different things.

By the way, I'm not really thinking of moving to Indonesia or India, but am seriously considering going to Thailand to get certified to teach adults at some point in the near future. :) As I said, I live with a woman from Australia who also teaches kindy at a different school in the neighborhood for the same company. We get along pretty well, but she's like my complete
opposite, very loud and very opinionated. I am pretty sure she means well though, so it's not a big deal really.

Wow, I wrote a lot. So what's new with you? Will yoube attending the reunion you think? How is life in the city treating you? I loooooove that city soooo much! :) And tell me all about the guy you married as well. :) I'll talk to you soon!


There was more said, but I'll leave it alone for now. I'm just really wanting to share with people the news that a good old friend of mine has written to me,and maybe show how our lives are right now.
Anyways I have to run to the gym...will post more later.