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Sunday, May 08, 2005

More on my Last Post, and It's a Short One I Promise!

Wow, did I ever get carried away on the last post! I guess the main thing I really wanted to say, and maybe show was that I find it kind of funny, that that girl and I became friends, as I saw her as someone so completely unlike me as well. She was impulsive, and said whatever came to her mind. I have to hide in my blog to do that. She was athletic in high school, and I certainly am not. She had been really good friends with my brother before, during our childhood. I was the subject of their torment actually for quite a few years before high school came around, my brother dropped out, and she and I got to know each other better.

It's nice that through the years, there are going to be those people who seem to fall off the face of the earth, but then one day you get to talk to them again and see how they are. There are too many people I know from high school who I haven't spoken to since then. College as well. So it's good to find at least one person from your past, someone who knew you back then, that you can catch up with.