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Thursday, May 26, 2005

This Freaks Me Out

Surfing around BlogExplosion, I came across a story about Simon Ng, a guy who had recently been murdered.

Police, by reading his blog, were able to figure out that his sister's ex-boyfriend was the one who killed him and his sister in his home.

I've tried to read his blog, but I just can't. It's too creepy and what I have read, he sounds like this very happy-go-lucky sort, a freshman in college, and it breaks my heart to know he was murdered.

It absolutely chills me that he decided to write about this guy, his sister's ex, as a way to chatter about something, just before he was killed.

There are a lot of people leaving RIP comments on his blog, but as someone else pointed out, it seems a bit silly. He's not able to read them, of course. But then, this strange turn of events makes me wonder if something, that knew he was only living with his sister with his parents so far away, decided to take care of him and make sure his death would not be an unsolved case.

I don't know this guy of course, but am definitely saddened by what happened, and just mystified at the lucky break (or was it?) his family got.