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Monday, May 30, 2005

Work Isn't Completely Intolerable

I have had one girl in my class who has taken on the responsibility of being the mother hen of the class, and I’m not too fussed about it because the role almost suits her. She’s one of the most serious, hard-working, responsible kids in the school period. I’ve had to tell her to ease up a bit on her finger-wagging to her classmates; after all, she comes in after I’ve talked to someone who’d been misbehaving, and who likes to be told twice that they’ve done something wrong? Still, I know she means well.

But it cracked me up to see her, embracing her role as class lecturer (a role I like 50 times better than class tattle-tale, by the way), during play time while sitting in a big toy police car we have at the school. The image was priceless, as she was kind of hovering along the perimeter, taking the entire scene in and then pushing off as fast as her feet could take her when she thought she saw some kind of trouble.

Also today, I had to sub for a teacher’s class, and she has some very interesting students as well. One is absolutely excited about this month as it is the same as her middle name. So, when I asked the class about the date and the class answered “The 30th of May,” she got all excited, shouting “I’m Clarissa Mae!” in this 4 year old voice.

Then one of her classmates, out of nowhere, told me he didn’t like to pick his nose. Well, that was random. To say the least.

My class has a lot of hyperactive kids and I feel bad I really don’t know how to communicate with them, and that they set the dynamic for the entire class. That dynamic, can be summed up in one word: chaos. But in case I do have to clarify this, I want to say that there have been moments where I am happy to be working with young children, for their honesty and their genuine nature.