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Monday, June 13, 2005

As Excited As Greg Focker

Tomorrrow, I will start the first round of meeting the parents of some of my kindy students. I'm kind of nervous as I don't really have much of a portfolio put together for them to show off their work (but then I never really was the one responsible for deciding what art work went home and what stayed anyways -- that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.) and I'm also nervous cause I wonder what these parents expect of me, and what they expect of their children as well.

I had one mother write me today in the parent-teacher handbook and she basically asked me to tell her how she can raise her son who always makes excuses and never listens to her. This boy is really good when it comes to math, scraggly when it comes to writing (but hey so was I, and I haven't murdered anyone) but socially, is like at the 3 year old, maybe even two year old level. Im not sure if this is because he is an only child (he may very well not be) or there is something not quite right there with him, but really, who am I to tell her how she should raise kids?

Sometimes I hate this profession cause it's so uber-serious, and I made a very poorly received joke about how all I knew really were cats and whenever a cat misbehaved I knew you should spray it in the face with a spray bottle of water, and so I could recommend that my student's mom do that.

I thought it was funny.


There are a couple of parents whom I can not wait to meet. I want to say to one girl's mom that I hope she follows in the footsteps of Junichiro Koizumi. She is just that bright. Not just smart, which involves intelligence only but bright, where there is a clear mix of intelligence and self-confidence and happiness from within. I hope she grows up to be a really cool person, someone whom I could actually read about in a newspaper.

And there's another boy whom isn't so sharp in the intelligence field of things and does seem to carry on in his own little world half the time, but the one thing I really like about him is for a 4 year old, he has got a lot of quirkiness about him and I could see him grow up to be some kind of writer or performer or...hell, a Japanese-style Andy Warhol even. He's a really sweet boy who is truly unique and I like him quite a bit for that as well.

His parents though I think might be trying to curb him from any story telling. He told his parents he ate a curry-hamburger (?) for school lunch, and his parents were completely curious about that. He also told his parents there were fire ants infiltrating our school. OK, that's not such a good story to tell. If his parents can teach him the difference between the good story to tell (We went to the Moon today) and the bad one (about a student beating him up) then he might be able to support them in their old age with the multi-million multi-book publishing/script writing deal he could get.

But then this is also the same boy who every day comes in not knowing how to cover his mouth when he coughs or sneezes. So maybe his parents should work on that first before they start him on any creative writing courses.

I hope to be able to tell how tomorrow and Wednesday went later.