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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Looking Forward to a New Show Already!

With Lost on its hiatus until September, or October (in any case, a really long time -- sniff sniff!) I found a show which might -- just might -- stand in as a good...standby until the second season starts.

The 4400 is about a group of people who were abducted over a period of about 50 years. In the present day, people are shocked when they see what looks to be a comet hurtling toward Earth. But then their fear turns into bewilderment when the comet slows down and gently lands, offloading those 4400 people who went missing. What everyone finds out later is that these people have returned a little more...special than they were before their abduction.

People have called this a cross between Close Encounters of the Third Kind and X-Men. I just hope it's relatively watchable. If I think about it, when I've seen a few episodes, I'll give them a quick review.