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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Real Life Getting In The Way

It's been awhile since I last wrote. Part of me is starting to tire of blogging, as more people that I know offline read my blog, the natural feeling seems to be reduced. I might start to write for an audience, start to censor my true feelings, and who wants that? (Not that any particular prose was especially inspiring or thought-provoking before.) This blog at first was used as a sort of junk drawer of sorts and I used to dump things out and give it a good reorganization frequently.

But I still am enjoying life very much here. I should blog more about my happiness, but maybe I'm feeling that happiness is fleeting, or it is easier to take for granted. When I am confused or upset, I tend to blog more in hopes that by doing so, I can move on after expressing my feelings as much as I want to.

I've been busy this weekend with groups of friends, singing, watching movies, eating a lot of good food. It's been a great time. I had a full weekend and if that's what it takes to be happy, so be it. I am not looking forward to tomorrow, however, even though it's only a three day week, and I have Play-Doh ready made in the fridge for the kids to play with during their art lesson.

Anyways, if I decide to switch names or something, I will let most of you know.

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I'm leaving when I get tired of looking at the (new) Bank of China Building, the triangular prism-shaped one on the left. It looks especially cool lit up at night.