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Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Random Thought Before I Go

I used to work for a very conservative newspaper, one that is owned by the Rev. Sun-myeong Moon, a practitioner of the Costco style marriage: It's better in bulk. I decided working for that paper was not my thing, and then decided to try teaching abroad. Now, out of all the countries in the world I could have gone to, I choose to teach (and stay for 3 years) in Korea. The homeland of the Rev. Sun-myeong Moon.

Now, I'm worried about how this might look on my resume in a way, but then, I'm sure after three or so years, my dalliance in ultra-right wing journalism will have to be left off the page, simply for space reasons.

But what if for example, I decide that teaching kindy isn't right for me and I decide to get into yet another profession? I have always thought that forensic science might be pretty interesting, but then, what would it say about me to my future employer, that I have chosen to move from children -- bubbly, bouncy, and loud -- to something where I generally work with dead people all day long? As they say, dead people tell no tales. I wonder what other weird career leaps there could be in the HR world, like from stuntman to Drivers' Ed. teacher, or rock musician to person of the cloth (I know that has happened but can't now name who.) Does anyone else have any other strange career leaps that they know of or have heard about?

And I will leave you with that as tomorrow morning, bright and early, I will be headed on a plane for Malaysia. I'm kind of bummed that Google Map doesn't seem to know so much about Asia and that Kuala Lumpur looks like a blurry mass of something or other. They are much better with cities in North America, of course, and I haven't yet tried Europe. Maybe I'll see what they think India looks like later.