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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Really Full-On Vacation Mode

Today, through the grace of one of my friends/coworkers, I had my first ever facial.

Really happy stuff. You lie on a bed for 2 hours, they cover you with a purple blankie and then put a lot of stuff and goop on your face. Then they steam your face. Then they pluck your eyebrows (I kid you not...nothing I would consider standard facial fare) and then they really go at your face with some kind of weird tool used to get out all the crud that has latched on to your face for the past...well, in my case, 28 years.

That was a bit painful, but then after that, they treat you to a nice back and shoulder massage. I'm kind of disheartened to have learned I have to (or I should say, "should") go back in about 10 days. I guess that means in only 10 days time, I'll be (close to) back to square one in terms of face crud.

I think it's really important to do the whole facial/manicure/pedicure thingy every now and again. It's really good to do something nice for yourself, to pamper yourself every now and again, damn the costs.

After we both got our faces worked on, we went out to this really nice cafe and had scones and tea. What a great afternoon I had! It's such a shame that after this really great time I had, my friend is now leaving to go off to bigger and better things in her home town, but I hope she won't become a stranger.