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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Vacation Mode in Full Effect

Today has been pretty good so far. It's nice to feel relaxed as in "I don't have to work tomorrow," so spent an eternity at the mall looking for two pairs of shoes: sports sandals and Chuck Taylor sneakers.

I'm horribly particular about these sneakers. Almost to the point of being anal, and where did this over-heightened sense of brand loyalty come from anyways? I can't see myself in Skechers or K-Swiss or Puma. I guess it's still a throwback to my high school days, like my self-identity as an alterna-prep would change if I decided to buy something more girly like Keds or something more old school like Adidas.

I just want a nice pair of black low-tops, but they seem to be so hard to find here in Hong Kong.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Is this really so much to ask for, Hong Kong?

I did manage to find some new sandals anyways. Tevas. Another high school throwback, but at that time, I thought I could never afford those and just never wore sandals in the first place. Then I move to humid Asia in 2002, and wonder how the hell did I ever go without sandals in the first place.

Tomorrow I plan on having a decent American-style breakkie with some friends in Central, then having dinner at a coworker's house. Sometime this week I would like to venture out and see a movie, either The Fantastic Four or Batman Begins (maybe).

I love not having to feel in a rush to do anything. And by this time next week, I have been in Malaysia for a good 2 hours or so.

I also appear to have taken a vacation mode to this post as it really doesn't seem to be about anything much as well.