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Friday, July 01, 2005

Weird Dream Report

Over the past two days I have had the strangest dreams:

  • July 1: Have a dream where I buy some cough medicine and soon after I start to ooze this yellow paint like substance out of my eyes and nose and I even piss the substance out of my system. I'm worried, but my thoughts are along the lines of "I wonder if they will give me my money back because I don't remember where I put the receipt." Strangely enough, I do remember that I bought the medicine at CVS, a drug store chain popular in America, but nowhere to be found here in Hong Kong.
  • June 30: I wake up angry at 4 in the morning, not sure what brought that on. After I get myself to go to sleep around 5 (thank God I had a late start that morning) I first dream that I see a picture of Paris Hilton in a magazine. She is dressed nicely (like I heard she did right after the whole sex tape scandal broke out -- she wanted to give the image she really is a good girl) in some sort of peach colored dress. The back of the dress dips past her shoulder blades and on her back you can see these really angry looking dull green splotches, almost like some kind of mold is attacking her. I'm not sure if it was mold or if the magazine said it was some form of STD (yeah yeah, I know on her back? Well, I was asleep here!) but it looked really disgusting, a total contrast to her dress and how she had been made up. I remember feeling grossed out and also sorry for her.
  • June 30 (part 2) One of the boys that my coworker teaches tells me he has seen the movie "Boys Don't Cry." He is 4 years old now. I'm not sure how we got onto that conversation.

It's really funny. As soon as I left Korea, I have been able to remember a lot more of my dreams, and they have become the kind I have so my subconscious can amuse myself, apparently. (I forget when it was, but I have also dreamed I went to a party thrown by Ashton Kutcher which got really interesting when a pack of vampires showed up. The dream was so vivid, I remember when I was in that state of being half awake and half asleep being worried I had become a vampire myself. I remember actually thinking, "Well the room is bright in here and I'm not in pain," and also being afraid to look into the mirror to check my neck (though of course if I had become a vampire, looking into a mirror would have done me no good.)

But I'm digressing.

In the past, when I did remember my dreams, they were full of people I knew doing things I expected. It was like going to sleep and still living real life. (At least it got better than the types of dreams I had in high school: I'd come home from a shit day at work, go to sleep, and *poof* I'd be back there at work in my dream.)

I'm going to try like hell to remember to post the really odd dreams I have just so if anyone happens on this, maybe they too will be amused at where my brain goes when I fall asleep.