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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Christ, I am tired.

On Tuesday, I ran with the Ladies' Hong Kong Hash House Harriers in Sai Kung and while somehow the trail got messed up and most of us only completed half, I really ran myself ragged on it, being the low-experienced...eghhh...no experienced runner that I am.

Hashing is pretty cool, as it's not to be taken too seriously. You have to follow a predetermined trail from start to finish, and along the way, there are "checks" (drawn out in chalk or flour) where you are shown your options of which path to take. Sooner or later, you are then told if the path you took was the right choice. If it isn't, you have to go back and find the right trail. The confusion is ostensibly used to keep everyone together, so no one finishes in 20 minutes and the rest finish in one hour.

I started off surprisingly well, and then came to a horrible hill, where I soon got winded. I was gasping and wheezing up the hill, but absolutely determined not to complain or whine, and then I looked to my right and saw a gorgeous view of the neighborhood and sea below. So that was definitely worth it.

And the people I ran with seemed pretty nice as well. Because of one of the runner's generous nature, I escaped pounding a beer from my bright white tennis shoe. He was the only one who noticed I had them on. And yes, I said he. Men can join, provided they make up no more than 20 percent of the club.

In regards to my sneakers, I'm seriously thinking that between now and then, I'm thinking of just wearing my tennis shoes so I can gray them up. I did have to down a beer in one go as it was my first ever run with the club. That was fun, too, even if it was a Fosters.

And then last night I did a Pilates class and went to trivia night again. I think we did about the same as usual as we had been in the past, maybe 4th or 5th place, but it just seemed we did worse as the group I was in last night wasn't as competitive as the one I had been playing with. Still, it was a pretty good time.

Tonight I have the option of meeting a friend for dinner, but I'm going to pass. I feel a bit bad about it, but I'm just really tired and need at least one night in.