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Friday, August 26, 2005

Class Notes

Everytime I am away from my computer I can think of something to write, but now as I sit here, I can't think of a thing.

I am still really enjoying my job and I love the teachers I am working with now. I had something kind of embarrassing happen to me, but still sweet. I have a very active class in the morning and one day apparently it seemed I had lost it. I wasn't really pissed off, but apparently my coteacher saw that I was exasperated, and then the next day, I am given a card made by my coteacher and signed by all the kids, which said "Sorry" and my coteacher explaining to me that she thought I was a good teacher and I could come to her at anytime with any problem I had. Wow.

I love how in my first class I have a little girl who seems to absolutely love me (give her time!), and she really wanted me to sit next to her in small group time. And her English name is "Q Q." How cool is that? She also has a brother named "K K." I briefly met her mom, but have to say they must have some kind of sense of humor to call their kids that. :)

I also have another great little girl who gave me a purple heart she had cut out herself. My coworker joked tome that it had to have been because she realized how hard it must have been to teach her class math, and so she decided to give me a purple heart for bravery.

In my active class I have one of the nicest, politest smartest boys I have ever taught. He is just a really sweet kid. Also in the same class is one really active boy who apparently knows English very well but has the hardest time writing or speaking Chinese, which should be his first language. Even though sometimes his behavior drives me bonkers sometimes, after I found out his father passed away when he was only three, I developed a soft spot for him.

And today in my active class, I tried to teach them a chant they have to learn by the end of the month. Yes, I do know it is the 26th! My kids in that class have terrible pronunciation as a whole; the whole thing ended up reminding me of that episode of Friends where Phoebe tried to teach Joey French. I was getting a bit frustrated, but once I remembered that episode of Friends I was three seconds away from cracking up with laughter.

It even mimicked how they could say the words in English one at a time no problem, but once they got put into a sentence, it just blurred into one nonsensical mess! Oh well, they have plenty of time to get it right.