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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Finally Went to the Gym!

I tried Pilates for the first time today.

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One of the positions you use in a Pilates exercise. This is a favorite one of mine, as is the one where you lie on your back, grip your ankles and rock back and forth on your back and tailbone. It's fun!

Joseph Pilates, a former boxer and circus performer developed these exercises as a way for bed-ridden soldiers to stay strong while recuperating. Pilates is a form of muscle conditioning where the person uses controlled body movements to tone the muscles in their abdomen, butt and back. It's kind of like yoga, with repetitive movements.

The best thing about it is you use no weights and are using your own body weight as resistance. I'm not going to become Iron Woman by doing Pilates, but I have heard that I may be able to improve my posture, flexibility, and become more coordinated (heh heh) and even possibly look taller (probably going back to the posture thing again) by doing this regularly. I certainly am feeling something in my back now.

I'll have to see when the next one is, cause this might be something worthwhile to keep up with.