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Monday, August 15, 2005

How's This For Impulse?!

I bought Self Magazine yesterday. I love that magazine cause it promotes a healthy lifestyle without being too...condemning...too hardcore (and you know you're not hardcore, unless you live hardcore!! I digress...) and it doesn't just focus on your body's health, but your mental well-being as well. I read that magazine regularly, and as corny as it sounds, I sometimes feel I have just had a good chat with a good friend of mine after reading it.

So, I saw this weight training thing promising that you'd get results fairly quick if you did these exercises regularly (and here is where I wish that magazine with the good friend vibe to it could also kick me in the ass like a good friend should if I've put my mind to exercising and then decide the only marathon I am doing is the CSI one showing on Sunday afternoons.

Anyways, I bought a pair of 3 pounder weights. They're cool. They're purple and squishy on the outside. Would still probably hurt like a mother if you dropped one on your foot. True to form, I started doing the exercises, and then my friend shortly thereafter pinged me on IM and I forgot all about my workout. But we had a great chat, so it was just like reading an entirely new Self magazine, so no harm there!

And I've just subscribed to Self as well. I'll get it for a year now, sent to Hong Kong, so I hope I don't lose my job anytime soon.

I guess I'm just feeling like I have been too much of a slug lately. I am still feeling the Pilates I did yesterday in my lower abs, so I am taking that as a really good sign, and hope to do another set very soon.

Tomorrow I am planning on joining some sort of running club, but as that is in the New Territories...somewhere by the ocean, I am not entirely sure I'll be able to meet the group in time. We shall see.