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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mini Movie Reviews

Napoleon Dynamite: I heard quite the buzz about this movie, even living all the way over here. It's made by and stars a few people who went to Brigham Young University, but this movie is more fun than you would expect coming from a bunch of Mormons.

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I liked the movie, even though I think in the end it was trying too hard to be too weird and quirky, the weirdness and quirkyness was pretty cool. It's a movie about a bunch of outcasts and nerds for various reasons just existing in their element in high school. Napoleon likes to draw mythical creatures, says he has "skills" with nunchucks, and learns some pretty out there dance moves to help his friend win a school election. I liked the movie cause I know I went to school with that guy!

I think others might get put off easily with the overall weirdness of the movie, and might prefer something more straightforward like...

The Island. I saw this over the weekend. I figured though it was directed by Michael Bay (responsible for Pearl Harbor and head disciple for all things Jerry Bruckheimer) it had Ewan McGregor in it, so it'd be tolerable at the very least. The plot was really interesting and compelling, especially for this day and age. They even made mention of how they started to program memories and feelings into the organ carriers as it just didn't seem to work as well when they used people who had no memories or feelings on a day by day basis. I could almost imagine how they originally started with stem-cell research and just modified it regularly until they got to where they are in the movie, only 14 years into the future.

The dialogue was pretty funny in some areas as Scarlett Johannsen's and Ewan McGregor's characters look like adults but, as they've been sheltered for so long, have the minds, curiosity and experiences of children.

Unintentionally funny was the last part of the movie, where true to form, Michael Bay decided to blow everything up in sight, finding new heights of ridiculousness that he'll undoubtedly try to top for his next movie.

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In this pic, they're falling from some sort of bridge that got destroyed all to hell, going to wind up on the logo of the building, when that gets shot to hell, they'll plummet for a long ways until they wind up safe entangled in some kind of net. Sheesh.

But it's a summer flick, and you can't really ask for anything too deep or meaningful in this time of year.

I also rented Garden State, after hearing so much about it. Interesting premise, but really slow moving and I just couldn't get into it as much as I would have liked.

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I did like this visual joke though.