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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Saturday Night Recap

Had another great evening out. Wound up playing a bit of amateur anthropologist, as was spending a lot of the evening with one couple, and two people who know they should be a couple, dammit (Cough cough)!

Yes, I know you read this!) ;)

My two new coworkers are a couple from Australia, and we shared a cab home as we all live close by. On the way to the taxi, the guy and I were making dumb jokes and pretending to be mock hurt with each other over our dumb insults to each other. My favorite of his: "You know, Kate, every month, I have a "Death-Metal Barbie," and I've just decided, you're not invited." His girlfriend started laughing at the absurdity of his remark, but then laughed harder when I made mention of him being alone in his treehouse and then with a dramatic pause, telling him to shut up. I really like them. I can really appreciate the guy's absurdity. In any case they are good together and good on their own as well.

It's great seeing a relationship work, but probably better to be in one that does.

And I think with the help of another friend, have decided I want to have my birthday on a junk ship. Whoo-hoo!