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Sunday, August 28, 2005

That Thing

I've lived here 8 months almost and have met two guys interested in me (well, one is confirmed that he did like me, and the other was just pure speculation that he did and the countless theories of how good we'd get along together that came along with it.) and I don't feel anything for them.

I think this is a bit sad. Maybe the old me would try something out, and hope for the best, but the new me just doesn't want to go along with something, get sucked in, and then have her ass and heart handed to her on a platter like she had before. I am getting too old for meh.

So I really am trying to be better about this; choose more wisely, but part of me is wondering, when the hell am I going to meet the guy where I feel **that thing** (Probably made more famous, by the way, as Carrie Bradshaw's "zsa zsa zu") Yes, I am aware I italicized and asterisksized and bolded that word. Something like **that thing** really deserves as much decoration as possible. I know cause I have felt it before with someone.

I am starting to really love my life here and I am happy with my friends. And though maybe it is the beer I previously ingested talking, I do sometimes wish that sometime soon, I will feel the lightning strike me silly again.