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Friday, September 02, 2005

Compliments You Never Hear Much...

It's always good when someone compliments you of course, but it's really good when it's from someone you respect or when it's about something you already like about yourself and someone else notices.

My coteacher really has her act together, as far as I can see, and she seemed impressed with the idea I had to store my flashcards in a small postcard album I bought for 10 dollars at a local department store. She said she would follow my thinking with her flashcards. That just about made my day.

And then when I was at the other school, just waiting it out and chattering to two of my coworkers, one of them remarked how he liked how I spoke; that I come up with the strangest connections within my conversations and also have an interesting vocabulary.

I'm very proud of my non sequiturs and my view of the world, thank you.