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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Help! A Family Is Holding Me Hostage!

The Medicis.

It's all my fault actually. I let them into my life. I created them. Yes, I am talking about my adventures with The Sims 2. It's so strange how a game where you have to take care of a person's health, hygeine, hunger and personal life can so quickly make you forget to mind your own. (Well, I have *yet* to tell any friends that I am too busy to see them, cause I need to get little Anthony's grades up and Veronica needs a new boyfriend, but I sure have not been getting enough sleep as of late, as I have been too engrossed in keeping my family happy.)

I had a family of four: Paolo, Gianna, Veronica and Antonio Medici. (They lived in Veronaville. What can I say?) and as of now, only one original family member remains, Veronica. Paolo and Gianna were an elderly couple living with their two grown children. Somehow, Antonio went into the bathtub and refused to come out, forgetting to eat, sleep and pee. He ju8st sat there and sat there, as I helplessly watched his mood meter fall into the red. The he got out of the bed and got dressed to meet the Grim Reaper. He was taken in front of his family, save for Veronica who was at work at the time. They were all devastated. Now Antonio wanders the house at night, complaining he has no bed. Not sure why that is, as he is now taking a nice long sirt nap under a weeping willow tree Veronica's new live-in boyfriend (Edward Mellon) wanted to own.

When I last left them, Edward and Veronica's son, Anthony, had grown up to be a happy bright child who is a C student(for now) and Edward caught Veronica flirting with one of his closest friends. So now he is all shattered and won't speak with her, even though Veronica still loves Edward. (She wants everyone to love her; that's her life's goal.)

When I get around to it, I will have to post some pics of my new family. It's just surreal and funny how obsessed with this game I have become. I'm already now thinking of introducing a new family into the mix. Maybe they'll be Asian and I will call them the Tamagotchis (or Tamagrouchis) or something like that.