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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Taking a Mini-Break

Just popping in to say that my computer develops a migraine every time I try to play my newly bought Sims 2 game. So I took it into the shop and it'll be a bit, maybe Friday, maybe more likely Monday or Tuesday before I get it back to me, hopefully upgraded and fixed so I can play my game! So I haven't blogged much because of that.

The date I had went much better than I had planned and I guess my attitude's been upgraded to "Let's see how this goes." My friend told me some pretty funny things about how I essentially need to hit him over the head and tell him I like him, but that's too high schoolish for me. I am going to go out with this guy and see what develops. It's weird fielding questions from our mutual friends though! But he is easy to talk to and has a good sense of humor. I'm not in any mood right now to rush into anything so soon so I can complain that he never shuts up nor takes anything seriously! ;) (Yeah, I'm a total romantic, what can I say?)