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Monday, September 05, 2005

Work Sucks, I Know...

I know I am risking my job when I complain about it here on this blog, but today has been such a painful day, so much so that if I do get canned it might be a relief.

I did not get paid today after all.

Well, I did. It's sitting there in my bank account, but I can not apparently get at it until 4 p.m. tomorrow because some genius decided to forego the autopayment and have a check cut for me. Which now needs to clear.

I guess that would be OK, but they did not in any way shape or form tell me this had happened this morning when I first came in, that something had happened to my payment. I had been told in passing sometime last week that maybe something had happened, but I figured there would have been enough time to get things straightened out on their own. I even found a note this morning that had Chinese writing all over it, then said "Miss Kate" at the bottom. When I asked the head teacher what that was about, she said "Something about your check, but I don't know." The worst thing is that I had to find out ON MY OWN that I was not getting paid today. And NO ONE who represents the management of my school is taking responsibility for the mistake or offered an advance or were upfront about having made a mistake. A coworker lent me some money for tonight. Another one gave me some crackers to take home, worried I had no food in the house. But no one who really could do anything, who had the power to do anything to help me out, did anything to help me out.

And it just got sillier. My boss said to me "I'd lend you some money but I am sooooooo busy. Let me know if you need anything though!" Well, duh! I need money!

I am planning on going to see my boss tomorrow to ask what happened and hope for some kind of assurance that this will not happen again. I hate it when people do stupid shit like this, cause then it makes me wonder if it was the luck of the draw, or do they respect me soooooo little that they think that can get away with this kind of crap.

Tomorrow we'll see what happens. I may start to save up for a month-long move to Thailand!